Cosplay Makeup 101 Panel at Wonder Con Anaheim!



Hey True Believers!

In a few weeks, my Cosplay Makeup 101 panel will be at Wonder Con Anaheim! I’d love to see you all there! It’s Friday, April 18th from 1-2pm in Room 210A!

Similar to the panel at Comikaze Expo this past November, I’ve asked the amazing Chrissy Lynn and Aubriana Zurilgen to be my co-panelists to help talk to you and give you tips about how to perfect your cosplay by having awesome makeup to complete it! We’ll be covering beauty makeup, sfx makeup, and sculpting and molding masks and appliances.

Let us know you’re attending by RSVPing here!

I hope to see you all there!

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Skrull Transformation Makeup!

Mighty Avengers 15-3Mighty Avengers 16-4

Hey True Believers!

I got a Skrull transformation makeup for you today!

I’ve been wanting to start doing some kind of full face (or half face in this case) character makeups for you and start getting in some more practice with face painting skills. If you don’t know, Skrulls have huge chips on their shoulders due to losing their home world, and just generally being a bunch of jerks for the most part. They are a shapeshifting alien race and can basically be anyone from  your mom, to your dad, your first grade teacher, so and so forth.

With that being said, I wanted to be an undercover skrull posing as myself (mwahahaha!) and transforming out of myself into my true skrull persona (or vice versa!) so here it is! I wanted the transition to be kind of random patterned so that’s why it’s not quite a uniform transition with the color.

Hope you like and remember, He loves you.



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