Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween Scents Review!

This post contains products that were sent to me for review consideration!

 Hey True Believers!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab was super kind and generous to provide me with some of their Halloween themed perfume oils (or weenies as they are affectionately called) for review! I tried to pick a range of sweet, musky, and floral scents to review this time around! As you know, I’m a huge fan and staunch supporter of this brand and when you toss Halloween up in the mix, you know I’m going to be ALL over it! Luckily, this collection will be available for purchase until December 8th!

A little about BPAL:

BPAL produces a huge variety of perfume oils in a large array of scents that is bound to appeal to everyone. They have general catalogue scents, limited edition scents, licensed scents, and lunar scents (which are released for purchase only on the full moon for about 72 hours) If you are wary of buying a full 5ml bottle of a scent, they also offer imp’s ears (Except for the limited and licensed collections.) They are all cruelty free and most are vegan except for the ones that are honey based.

Full size 5ml Bottles:

  • General Catalog:  $17.50
  • Limited Edition:  $23.00
  • Licensed: $26.00-$30.00

Imp’s Ears 1/32oz: $4.00 each or 6 for $22.00 (Imps ears are not available for limited edition and licensed scents, such as this Halloween collection)


Set to Stunning presents #NERDVEMBER!


Hey True Believers!

My friends over at Set to Stunning are running a contest throughout November called #Nerdvember! The details are as follows:


#NERDVEMBER is a month-long contest we run over on Instagram. Participants are challenged to post a photo of themselves in a geek-themed outfit every single day of November. Outfits can range from something obviously geeky like wearing a Batman shirt or Star Wars leggings, or more vague, like an outfit inspired by a character through the use of a specific color palette. How many days you manage to participate determines the prize tier you are eligible for. One (1) or more winners from each tier will be selected at random using a random number generator.

The Rules

  • Wear a geek-themed outfit (NOTcosplay)
    • Full geek ensembles are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, but at a minimum you must be wearing at least one (1) piece of geek clothing/jewelry/accessory to qualify. If you’re wearing an “inspired by” look (i.e. Disney Bounding or Console to Closet type looks), please include a photo of the inspiration in your pic post or at least an explanation of how your outfit is geek themed.
  • Post your photo on Instagram
    • Photos MUST be new (no tagging old photos!)
  • Include the hashtags #nerdvember and #settostunning
  • Follow @settostunning on Instagram

For more information on #Nerdvember including the prizes and sponsors, please check out their post here!

Good luck and have an awesome #Nerdvember!




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