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Halloween Series: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) Inspired EOTD!

Hey True Believers!

Today I have a fun, EOTD (Eye of the Day) for you that kind of fits into the Halloween theme for this month. I chose to do an EOTD inspired by Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman. Spiders and Halloween are a natural match! :)

I based this more on her costume, than her costume and powers as the green of her venom blasts just didn’t look right thrown in there. I also did a variant with lower lashes, and then some shots without. I didn’t know which I liked more so I’m putting them both in here! :)

Also, Lime Crime was kind enough to send me three eyeliners, two of which are brand new and unreleased called Rhyme and Reason to try out. I used Rhyme in this look as the gold liner above the black liner.

Rhyme and Reason will be officially announced and available as a discounted set for a 24-hour window ONLY October 22-23. After the 24 hours, they will be gone until their permanent return this Holiday Season.

Anyway, I hope you all like!


Super Hero Inspirational Look Poll #7 (The Women of The Avengers Edition)

Voting Ends 9/4! 

Squirrel Girl
Spider Woman
Jewel aka Jessica Jones










*Note: Squirrel Girl was included because she is currently serving as the nanny of Jessica Jones’ (Jewel) and Luke Cage’s (Power Man) baby while they serve on the New Avengers :P (and I adore her! She beat Dr. Doom!)

lol (after she sparred with Wolverine)