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Blink (Age of Apocalypse) Inspirational Look

A good friend of mine was bummed Blink didn’t win the last poll, so I decided to go ahead and do a look inspired by her. I really like the color combo of her look + powers and thought it would be fun to play with🙂 And please pardon my “needs to be dyed again” hair lol.


PS. I just noticed that Google Chrome = horrible color quality of photos. So I’m going back to Firefox and highly suggest to use it for all make up blogs!🙂



Dark Beast/McCoy Inspirational Look

Okay, so I bought one of Sugarpill Cosmetics’ loose shadows in Magpie and thought it would be perfect for a Dark Beast/McCoy look since he’s a darker grey/blue/navy color! (For those of you who don’t know, he’s the Age of Apocalypse/AoA version of Beast of the X-Men. He’s a very very bad man :P)  I only managed to get pics with my camera phone at the time though😦 But I promise I’ll be using the GOOD camera for all the newer looks. AND I won’t be in the bathroom taking pics haha! I’ll also be doing a tutorial for this at some point too.

Without Flash, you can see the inner corner shadow much better.

Even More Pics and Products Used!…