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Dazzler’s Holiday Party! (A Dazzler Inspired Look)

Art by Chris A. Tsuda

Last night I went to a Holiday party and the plan was to wear my silver sparkly top and go as tinsel. (lol) But once I started thinking about my outfit and the colors of Christmas lights I decided that I would do a Dazzler inspired look that could also double as a holiday look. I based the look off of Dazzlers first costume which was the silver catsuit/jumpsuit and I used holographic silver glitter to represent her sound converting into light based powers. It came out SOO beautiful! Every time I’d turn my head to look in the mirror my eyelids looked like sparkly rainbow disco balls (another early Dazzler accessory.) I’m just so bummed that photographing it couldn’t capture the light and color changes. Maybe when I use glitter I should make a little video clip so you all can see the effect of glitter on the look. Hmm.

I’ve also entered this look in the Makeupbee Holiday Makeup Competition!! Please go to their website and like my look! The look with the most likes wins (There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize)! You need a Makeupbee account in order to vote, and it’s free to make one. Thank you!!

My Entry: Dazzler’s Holiday Party!

Anyway, on to the look!

Edit: I apologize for the colors in the full face shot being so off. I tend to forget to set my white balance and I’m darker in those photos that I am in person lol (I didn’t have time to mess with the camera as I was on my way to a party). The full face Phoenix photos are the correct color match skin and makeup wise. I’ll be better in the future! >.<



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