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True Blood Forsaken: Lipstick, Nail Lacquer, and Fragrance Review!

Hey True Believers! (Or should I say Trubie Believers?😉 )

So I know I don’t usually do reviews on Saturdays, but this was an exception since I wanted to get this out to you all asap! I received the True Blood Forsaken Fragrance and Deborah Lippmann Lipstick and Nail Lacquer today in the mail! It is a HSN exclusive and they are the only ones who have it right now (the Deborah Lippmann Lipstick and Nail Lacquer duo has already sold out as of a few days ago). I believe I’ve read that the Forsaken Collection (which is a pretty nice size and includes candles, body cream, body powder, a decanter and more nail lacquers. Check it out here) is due out in shops in September as well as hboshop.com  around the same time, but Deborah Lippmann had said that her items may not be out until much later (if that). Now I know I don’t usually do fragrance and nail lacquer reviews, but the nail lacquer came with the lipstick (Which is Deborah Lipmann’s first ever lipstick!) and the polish has the Forsaken fragrance in it (You can smell the fragrance on the polish even after you put on a top coat!), so it just all made sense! Also, I’ll tell you now, there is a reason I don’t do nails on this blog lol. I’m not good at the whole nail painting thing and I also don’t go for manicures so my skin on my hands look horrendous! (lol) So please keep that in mind and be kind!

True Blood is one of my favorite shows, and there’s even a comic book series, so it ties in nicely into my blog! 

Offered exclusively through HSN starting August 9 before appearing online in September via HBO Shop and in retail stores at the end of the year (mid-the end of November, per the HSN broadcast)!