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Delirium Inspired Look (Pt.1 of The Endless Series) Collaboration with artist Sara Richard and Illamasqua!

Hey True Believers!

At WonderCon last month, I had the honor of finally getting to meet my online friend (and frequent collaborator) Sara Richard and hang out with her at her booth during the convention. She was just as awesome in person as she was talking to online and I had so much fun getting to spend time with her and talk about our previous collaborations with the people who stopped by ย her booth to buy her art.ย 

In one of our conversations, she mentioned how cool it would be to do a look based off of Delirium from the Sandman Comics by Neil Gaiman (who is part of a group of beings known as The Endless) and how much she’d been wanting to draw her. Well I the thought had actually gone through my mind as well in the passing months and we decided that Delirium would be our next collaboration! I wanted to do something a little off (two different eyes looks, one on each eye), colorful, and a look that would be something Delirium might wear since she is ever changing in her look and style. Illamasqua had sent me some products recently from their newest collection Human Fundamentalism, that I though would be perfect with this look so I used all the products they sent me seeing how they were bright and bold and perfect for what I wanted to do. I didn’t get a close up pic of the other eye because it’s always so awkward for me to photo my left eye for some reason and I couldn’t get a photo to come out the way I wanted it >.< (Need more practice at the angle for my left eye photos!). I also realized I had done the bold look on the wrong eye so I flipped the photo lol. WINNING! lol.

A review for the products they sent me will be posted later.

(Irises have been photoshopped to match Delirium’s eye color. They aren’t contacts๐Ÿ˜‰ )

I hope you all enjoy what we came up with!