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Witchblade Inspired Look (Ver 2.)

Hey True Believers!

Recently I’ve had the honor of being followed by the creator of Top Cow Comics, Marc Silvestri,  on Twitter and my Facebook page and it prompted me to revisit my original Witchblade look which I wasn’t quite fond of when I had initially posted it last year. I knew one day I’d redo it, and so decided now would be a good time to do so! I always wanted to be a little more artistic with it and being so flattered that Marc liked my work, it gave me what I needed to get that inspiration for Sara’s, the current bearer of the Witchblade, makeup.

Sara is drawn having different colored stones in her Witchblade with a red one usually on the back of her hand and the blue (shown above) near her elbow. I chose to go with the red stone on this look, mostly because I didn’t have any blue rhinestones to work with lol.  I also collaborated again with my friend, Sara Richard, who provided the illustration of Sara wearing the makeup I designed. It can be seen near the bottom of this post!

I hope you like it!



Elektra Inspired Look (Makeupbee/Lime Crime Collaboration)

I was contacted by Makeupbee,  I’m one of their past MakeupQueenBee’s, to do a collaboration with Lime Crime. Lime Crime in turn sent me 2 eyeshadows of my choice, a lipstick of my choice, and an eyeshadow primer. I was contacted by Lime Crime separately to try out all of their Carousel Lipglosses prior to being asked to do a collaboration with MakeupBee, so I will do a separate post on that later.

I have never used Lime Crime before and thought that this would be a good opportunity to test their product. My reviews on ANYTHING sent to me will always be based on my honest and truthful opinion. Good and bad. Regardless of rumors and gossip about ANY company, as long as their products aren’t tested on animals, I will try them out and form my own opinion as I think that’s a fair thing to do (for you as my readers, and for myself). I will not be addressing any gossip or rumor on my blog, as I feel it’s been done elsewhere in detail and I don’t feel the need to add to it. That’s not what my blog is about.

When I saw the loose eyeshadows in Diva and Siren, the first look that came to mind was Elektra! Her skin tone combined with her red ninja assassin outfit was the inspiration for this.

With that being said, here is my look and after are my thoughts on what I was sent for this look!🙂