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Illamasqua The Sacred Hour Collection for Fall/Autumn Review!


Hey True Believers!

Tonight/Today, depending on where you live, I decided to do a review on Illamasqua’s fall collection, The Sacred Hour, for you! The imagery of this collection is just stunning and is true to form for Illamasqua’s makeup collection campaigns, showcasing the work of makeup artist Alex Box. This collection consists of a new eyeshadow palette, two new types of blushes, a lipstick, 7 new type of concealers called Skin Base Lift, a set of eyelashes, and two nail varnishes.

I’ll be reviewing the eyeshadow palette, two blushes, and lipstick below. Sorry about the swatch swipes on everything! I forgot to get pics before I did that!  >.< I did my best to get color accuracy with the photos, but some of the colors just didn’t want to appear correctly!

Everything in this post was purchased by me with my own funds.

The below products can be purchased  now directly from Illamasqua and later at Sephora.com.



Coming Soon: Illamasqua’s Generation Q Collection!

Hey True Believers!

This Fall, Illamasqua will be coming out with their Generation Q collection which is for every man, woman, any age, any gender, and any ethnicity. I love the message behind this campaign as I don’t think who you are or how old you are or what you look like should define your love of makeup or your ability to wear it. Everyone should be able to express themselves no matter what. With that being said, with this campaign, they chose people who aren’t models that include a wide array of ages and ethnicities and even men as well to represent this collection and to “model” it for the campaign . 

The Details:

All products and shades included in Generation Q have been formulated and chosen irrespective of age, race, gender or sexual preference to give everybody the tools to express their alter ego. Illamasqua is standing up against the industry rule of “only wearing matt” products and concealing your real identity under a sea of “beige” after a certain age. Complementing and empowering your true beauty, shimmer is adorned to accent, highlight and lift features. Generation Q is a celebration of today, where beauty and creativity has no sell by date.


  • Powder Eye Shadow in Slink (soft champagne, shimmer finish)
  • New Liquid Metal in Focus (cool brown metal, metallic cream)
  • Powder Eye Shadow in Forgiveness (rich chocolate plum, matt finish)
  • New Pressed Pure Pigment in Queen of the Night (blackened plum, shimmer finish)


  • Lipstick in Magnetism (deep raspberry pink)


  • New Intense Lipgloss in Opulent (rainbow beige) 
  • New Intense Lipgloss in Boost (blueberry violet)


  • New Nail Varnishes in Creator (magical black)
  • Charisma (deep raspberry pink)

GLEAM ($26) 

Lightweight compact highlighter, iridescent formulation lifts and highlights wherever applied.

  • Gleam in Aurora (Light champagne, pearlescent finish)


  • New Powder Blusher in Allure (dusky rose pink shimmer)


  • New Precision Ink in Wisdom (antiqued gold)

Look for Generation Q in stores in September 2012!