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Deathbird Inspired Look!


Hey True Believers!

Today’s look is inspired by that badass alien villainess, Deathbird!

Deathbird is known as being one of the X-Men’s many enemies and was also known for constantly trying to take the Shi’ar throne from her sister Lilandra, who was the Empress/Majestrix (to see the look I did based on her, click here). She finally became Empress after marrying Cyclops’ and Havok’s insane long lost brother, Vulcan. She’s also more birdlike in having talons, which is a trait looked down upon by her people (she’s from an avian race, but talons are a symbol of inferiority of evolvement)

Needless to say, she’s a bit unstable! But she has a very cool design and she’s a fierce fighter. I took her trademark eye markings and recreated them using the eyeliner and simplified them a bit, as different artists tend to draw them differently, and also borrowed colors from her armor and cape. The brows have hints of metallic purple like her armor as well. The lipstick I chose also is a reflection of the dark pinks she wears in her headdress and feathered cape.

I hope you like!