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Makeupbee’s Holiday Party Look Competition!!

Hey all!

I’d really like to do another giveaway for you all, but I can’t unless you try to help me win the Makeupbee Competition! I’ve posted a few links below to different looks I have entered in it and I can’t win without your help! I also don’t have the funds to do another giveaway, so this was a great opportunity to do something for you guys. There are a 300+ of you following this blog, 509 of you following my Facebook page, and another 294 of you on my Twitter, and if everyone took 5 seconds to go Like my looks, I’d have this in the bag. Please help a girl out so I can do something nice for you too!

Just go to each of the links below and hit the “LIKE” under the pink box with the heart. You will get a prompt to login and if you login with your Facebook page it will take less than 5 seconds for your like to be counted. (The Facebook like button will not count so please use the first “Like” button under the pink box๐Ÿ™‚ )


Entry #1

Dazzler’s Holiday Party

Entry #2


Entry #3

Ice’s Winter Wonderland! (DC’s Ice Inspired Look)

For my next holiday look, I used Ice an an inspiration. Not Ice cubes, but Ice from DC Comics๐Ÿ˜› I entered this look into the Makeupbee Holiday Makeup Competion so please go there and “Like” it to help me win! You must hit the big like under the Pink Box so it will count. If you login with your Facebook account, it will take less than 5 seconds of your time! Thanks!!๐Ÿ˜€

Go vote for me here: Ice’s Winter Wonderland

I used one of my favorite Sugarpill loose eyeshadows, Lumi, to give it that frosty look! I’m really pleased with his this came out! I took a natural light and an indoor light photo to show how it looked in both types of light.

I hope you like! Enjoy!