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Halloween Series: Selene/The Black Queen Inspired Look!

Hey True Believers!

I’m baaaaaaaaack! For the month of October, I’ll be doing Halloween looks for you to wear with your costumes this year! I won’t be doing any awesome special fx makeup like my friends over on YouTube, but I’ll be doing some more sexy/vampy/smoldery type looks based off of a few movie characters and a certain doll who I have a fondness for😉 (For a hint, take a look at one of last years Halloween looks on my blog!).

So to start things off, I wanted to do something vampy and sexy and thought Selene aka The Black Queen would be perfect! She was a villainess who was an X-Men foe and was basically a psychic vampire (she fed off the life force of others). She was a mutant and sorceress who also had the ability to raise the dead (See the Necrosha story line) along with many other abilities. She was the perfect villain to start the Halloween looks off with!

For the color of the eye, I pulled inspiration from the photo above, which has some black and red around the eye. I didn’t go with the black lip (I didn’t want it to read super goth, but you can totally do a black lip if you like!), but wanted to darken the corners a bit and use a deep dark red all over. I definitely wanted to do a dark, vampy, smokey eye with this because Selene just seethes darkness! It also allowed me to use the awesome Gaga lashes Faux sent me, so there will be a mini review on the lashes as well!

I hope you like!



Lila Cheney Inspired Look!

Hey True Believers!

Today’s look is inspired by the one and only, Lila Cheney! Lila is British, an intergalactic rock star, and a mutant with the power of intergalactic teleportation. She’s been one of my favorite characters for so long and I’m bummed that she hasn’t been used recently. She was introduced in the early 80s and was modeled after Joan Jett (I mean, common look at this).

Lila doesn’t wear a costume, nor is she a super hero. She’s a rock star (and former thief) so she tends to have different outfits when she does pop up. She did wear this little leather number for quite a while in the 90s (along with another outfit she has with a dotted skirt)  but this is how I remember Lila. Black leather jacket, black bustier, black bootie shorts, black thigh high boots and hoop earrings. (and an awesome haircut I actually used to have lol. I miss it). Anyway, I based this look off of her black outfit and blue hair highlights (used to show that a character’s hair is black in comic books). I also added some blue shimmer on the brow bone to represent her teleportation power.

I’ve also had the pleasure of having Fauxlash send me lashes to do looks with! This was the perfect opportunity to use the Dev* lashes (OMG I wanted these so bad and was thrilled to have them sent to me!). I mean, it was PERFECT! They are so rock and roll, just like Lila! And they were made for the singer Dev so it was natural they would be great for Lila as well (Check her out wearing them in her video for “In the Dark“.)! So there will also be a mini review on them in this post. 

Also, Faith, owner of Evil Pawn Jewelryhas been a dear friend of mine for some years now and was kind enough to bestow one of her Demonia* necklaces on me! So I decided to wear it and her Crystal Cameo Skull Ring (Limited Edition!) I purchased with this look. They are a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe and her jewelry is very high quality and show stoppers! Definitely worth the investment! The lightening bolt earrings I bought at Pursebuzz’s booth at IMATS LA.


*Item received courtesy of respective brands. I was not asked to review them, nor paid to use them.