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Polaris Inspired Look (Ver. 1, Women of X-Factor Series Pt.2). Collaboration with artist Sara Richard!

Hey True Believers!

Polaris is the next gal in the Women of X-Factor series collaboration I’m doing with the amazing Sara Richard! Polaris/Lorna Dane is the other daughter of Magneto and has the same mutant power as him, Magnetism. Her hair is naturally green (and GORGEOUS!) and she’s pretty freaking awesome! I based this look off of her time as one of the members of the second X-Factor team (During a time when they had coordinating outfits that made them look more like a team unit). She’s had a few variations of her X-Factor outfits/uniforms, but I liked this one the best. (I’m a 90’s X-Men kind of gal!๐Ÿ˜‰ )

As usual, this look was based on not the above photo exactly, but a combination of the character’s physical features, personality, costume, and powers.ย 

With that being said,, here’s the look! Sara’s illustration of Polaris wearing the makeup I’ve created will follow my photos so make sure you go oo and aah over it (I TOTALLY DID! It’s FIERCE!)

Make sure you go to Makeupbee and like the photo! I’ve entered it in their contest with Sugarpill! Thank you!


I hope you enjoy!


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