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Princess Zelda Inspirational Look (Poll #6 Readers Choice)

Princess Zelda’s colors are very airy and soft and I wanted to reflect that with a lighter, more wearable eye look.

It has just enough shimmer to make it unique and eye catching. I focused more on the lavendar, and golds for this, as well as the little turquoise pop of her jewels. SO pretty in person with how it shimmers in the corners🙂 I really wish there was a way I could catch it on camera! Enjoy my lovelies!


Super Heroine Poll #6 Results! (Anime/Video Game/Comic Edition)

First, I’d like to say welcome all my new readers!!❤ I’m glad you’re here and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Second, The winner of this week’s poll is….. Princess Zelda!! If what I have in my head for this comes out right, this is going to be really pretty and girly😀

I’ll do my best to get this look up for you this week. I have a surprise collaboration in the works with a fellow blogger that I can’t wait to share with you all😀