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Sailor Pluto Inspired Look! (Beauty Blogger Collaboration Pt. 1)

Hey True Believers!

A group of beauty bloggers and myself were chatting via twitter a week or so ago about the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon and how much we loved the series. (and some of us were watching eps to relive it all!) And we all decided to do a group collaboration to celebrate it! We each picked a Sailor Scout/Senshi and a villain/villainess from the series to do EOTDs and FOTDs on!

This week is Sailor Scout/Senshi week! So I’ve chosen Sailor Pluto to be my EOTD! I won’t tell you who I picked for next week so it will be a surprise!

I wanted a unique eye shape for this and I really love the work of Karolina aka Grzee Makeup Blog (she is SOOOO amazing!!!) and used her viva la catalunya eye shape as the inspiration for this! I changed the colors to suit Sailor Pluto’s costume and hair.

Check out the other’s looks!

Mandy’s/Prettymaking’s Sailor Saturn 

Angela’s/Do Want Makeup’s King Endymion

Erin’s/The Cheap Chick’s Sailor Jupiter

Amy’s/LadyCrowx’s Sailor Moon

Mai’s/Portrait of Mai’s Sailor Venus

Soo’s/Muu-Toki’s Sailor Mars

Phyrra’s Sailor Mercury

Anna’s/Fenua Beaute’s Sailor Neptune

*( I will add links to the others blog posts as they become available!)