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Witchblade Inspired Look (Ver 2.)

Hey True Believers!

Recently I’ve had the honor of being followed by the creator of Top Cow Comics, Marc Silvestri,  on Twitter and my Facebook page and it prompted me to revisit my original Witchblade look which I wasn’t quite fond of when I had initially posted it last year. I knew one day I’d redo it, and so decided now would be a good time to do so! I always wanted to be a little more artistic with it and being so flattered that Marc liked my work, it gave me what I needed to get that inspiration for Sara’s, the current bearer of the Witchblade, makeup.

Sara is drawn having different colored stones in her Witchblade with a red one usually on the back of her hand and the blue (shown above) near her elbow. I chose to go with the red stone on this look, mostly because I didn’t have any blue rhinestones to work with lol.  I also collaborated again with my friend, Sara Richard, who provided the illustration of Sara wearing the makeup I designed. It can be seen near the bottom of this post!

I hope you like it!



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