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Halloween Series: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) Inspired EOTD!

Hey True Believers!

Today I have a fun, EOTD (Eye of the Day) for you that kind of fits into the Halloween theme for this month. I chose to do an EOTD inspired by Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman. Spiders and Halloween are a natural match!🙂

I based this more on her costume, than her costume and powers as the green of her venom blasts just didn’t look right thrown in there. I also did a variant with lower lashes, and then some shots without. I didn’t know which I liked more so I’m putting them both in here!🙂

Also, Lime Crime was kind enough to send me three eyeliners, two of which are brand new and unreleased called Rhyme and Reason to try out. I used Rhyme in this look as the gold liner above the black liner.

Rhyme and Reason will be officially announced and available as a discounted set for a 24-hour window ONLY October 22-23. After the 24 hours, they will be gone until their permanent return this Holiday Season.

Anyway, I hope you all like!


Psylocke (Armored Costume) Inspired Look!

Hey True Believers!

Today I have a Psylocke inspired look for you! Psylocke, aka Betsy Braddock, is a member of the X-Men (currently X-Force) who is a mutant that has the powers of telepathy and telekenisis. I based this look off of her armored costume from the late 80s before she got sucked into the Siege Perilous, kidnapped by The Hand, and her mind forced into the body of the Japanese assassin known as Kwannon. (Prior to all of that, Betsy was a caucasian woman from England).

I used a nail dotting kit to get the kinetic energy dots from her psychic knife which is a new technique for me that I’m still playing with. I chose to make the eyebrows and the eyeliner in glitter to represent her armor. This was taking me so long, that I decided to only give one eye the psychic knife which is kind of funny because Betsy usually only uses one hand for that, so it worked out. This is my favorite Psylocke costume, so of course I chose to tackle this one first.🙂

This also gave me the opportunity to use the Violet Noir lashes Faux Lash was kind enough to send me! A small review of the lashes will be in the bottom of this post.


*Item received courtesy of respective brands. I was not asked to review them, nor paid to use them.