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Killjoy Inspired Makeup (Halloween Series)


Hey True Believers!

Happy Halloween! Yeah I know it’s a little early, but Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I’m doing something different for you all this year and doing a couple of full face paint looks, starting with this lovely lady!

I introduce you to Killjoy! She’s a bad, bad lady and graces the pages of Cyber Force by the awesome Marc Silvestri and his company Top Cow Comics (Thank you Marc for sending me the pic above for reference! :D)

I LOOOVED how she looked in this image and wanted to recreate the makeup instantly. I originally did it in black and white, but I felt it fell a little flat so I did some shading in a tan tone to give it a little bit of depth, character and to almost give it a dirty look. I also love that her face isn’t symmetrical and I feel it gives it character (and also made my life easier since I have the worse time getting things to match evenly lol)

I’m not sure if I’ll get any videos up of my planned Halloween looks, but I won’t say I won’t for sure because I might change my mind or find time to make magic happen.🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t film this one, but the other ones I just might IF I get the time. I feel like it takes more time to record doing a makeup, than to just do it on the fly. (Plus because I use my Canon T2i to record, it makes it more difficult because of overheating :/) We’ll see!

I hope you all like the first of a few skully ladies I have planned for you!🙂

*All products used in this post were purchased by me with my own money with the exception of the Illamasqua powder blusher which was sent to me courtesy of Illamasqua and the Manic Panic Collection lipstick which was sent to me by Manic Panic Collection.



Halloween Series: Selene/The Black Queen Inspired Look!

Hey True Believers!

I’m baaaaaaaaack! For the month of October, I’ll be doing Halloween looks for you to wear with your costumes this year! I won’t be doing any awesome special fx makeup like my friends over on YouTube, but I’ll be doing some more sexy/vampy/smoldery type looks based off of a few movie characters and a certain doll who I have a fondness for😉 (For a hint, take a look at one of last years Halloween looks on my blog!).

So to start things off, I wanted to do something vampy and sexy and thought Selene aka The Black Queen would be perfect! She was a villainess who was an X-Men foe and was basically a psychic vampire (she fed off the life force of others). She was a mutant and sorceress who also had the ability to raise the dead (See the Necrosha story line) along with many other abilities. She was the perfect villain to start the Halloween looks off with!

For the color of the eye, I pulled inspiration from the photo above, which has some black and red around the eye. I didn’t go with the black lip (I didn’t want it to read super goth, but you can totally do a black lip if you like!), but wanted to darken the corners a bit and use a deep dark red all over. I definitely wanted to do a dark, vampy, smokey eye with this because Selene just seethes darkness! It also allowed me to use the awesome Gaga lashes Faux sent me, so there will be a mini review on the lashes as well!

I hope you like!