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Halloween Series: Monster High’s Clawdeen Wolf as Little Dead Riding Wolf!

Hey True Believers!

Here it is, the last of the Halloween looks! I’ve been super excited about doing this version of Monster High’s Clawdeen Wolf as Little Dead Riding Wolf for you all! Clawdeen is my favorite doll in the series and the original version I did of her last year was so wellย received, that I felt a sequel was due this Halloween! I bought the doll above and thought she was so pretty and the idea of her as Little Red Riding Hood was so cute and clever, that I decided I wanted to be her for Halloween and do a makeup for you all!

I went with the makeup that was shown on the drawing of her because it was a little more interesting with the red on the border of the purple. I also altered the shape a little to fit my eye better. Of course I could have went TOTALLY cartoony with it, but I wanted to also make it a little more real world.

My ears were custom-made by my awesome friend Aubriana,The Mad Masker, who also loves the Monster High dolls as well (Lagoona is her favorite because she’s a huge fan of The Creature from the Black Lagoon๐Ÿ˜‰ )! Go check out her work, she’s amazing and if you want, put in an order with her to make you something awesome!!

The wig was a hodge-podge of wig and hair pieces from Arda Wigs.

The teeth were custom-made and molded to my teeth by my friend Leo at Cavallero Fangs.

The contact lenses were the Vassen Hanabi Gold from Pinky Paradise.

The costume was made by myself and my mother, and I changed it a bit to make it more mine.

I hope you all like it!