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Madelyne Pryor, The Goblin Queen Inspired Look! X-Men Villainesses Collaboration with Artist Sara Richard Part 1!

xmenend1_5 01171310-GoblinQueen

Hey True Belivers!

Today’s look is a special one! I’ve teamed up with one of my dear friends, and supremely talented artist, Sara Richard again to bring you another collaboration! This time, we’re doing some X-Men villainesses! To start this awesome collaboration off, I picked the lovely, unfortunate, and enraged Madelyne Pryor aka the Goblin Queen from the now classic Inferno storyline!

Madelyne was the wife of Scott Summers aka Cyclops and the biological mother of Cable. She was also cloned from Jean Grey by Mr. Sinister (which is something NO one knew when she met and married Cyclops, but common…everyone noticed how much she looked like Jean and NO ONE suspected it?? common people!! LOL), and was an all around nice girl, up until Jean came back from “the dead” (I use that term loosely lol) and Cyclops left Madelyne and their newborn to be with his now back from the dead ex girlfriend….AWKWARD! Basically, Madelyne couldn’t handle it, and decided to shack up with a bunch of demons and went mental. She also tried to sacrifice her own kid…wow! (to sum things up!)

I based this eye makeup and lips off of her sexy black costume (can you say supreme under boob?! jeez…I don’t even know how she didn’t fall out….double sided tape? lol) and pulled the red from her hair and also the demonic energy she was weilding. And like our previous collaborations, Sara took the makeup I designed and wore, and placed it on an illustration of the character wearing it.

I had filmed a tutorial for this, but I lost ALL of the footage of me doing the makeup and only managed to not lose the intro and outro. D’Oh!

I hope you guys enjoy this look and make sure to go check out Sara’s work and buy a few prints if you really adore them as much as I do!

ps. my eye color has been photoshopped green in the pics. they are NOT contacts! I was going to wear mine, but my eyes were super irritated this day.
goblin queen010
My makeup design on Madelyne/Goblin Queen. Art by Sara Richard



Polaris Inspired Look (Ver. 1, Women of X-Factor Series Pt.2). Collaboration with artist Sara Richard!

Hey True Believers!

Polaris is the next gal in the Women of X-Factor series collaboration I’m doing with the amazing Sara Richard! Polaris/Lorna Dane is the other daughter of Magneto and has the same mutant power as him, Magnetism. Her hair is naturally green (and GORGEOUS!) and she’s pretty freaking awesome! I based this look off of her time as one of the members of the second X-Factor team (During a time when they had coordinating outfits that made them look more like a team unit). She’s had a few variations of her X-Factor outfits/uniforms, but I liked this one the best. (I’m a 90’s X-Men kind of gal!๐Ÿ˜‰ )

As usual, this look was based on not the above photo exactly, but a combination of the character’s physical features, personality, costume, and powers.ย 

With that being said,, here’s the look! Sara’s illustration of Polaris wearing the makeup I’ve created will follow my photos so make sure you go oo and aah over it (I TOTALLY DID! It’s FIERCE!)

Make sure you go to Makeupbee and like the photo! I’ve entered it in their contest with Sugarpill! Thank you!


I hope you enjoy!