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Psylocke (Armored Costume) Inspired Look!

Hey True Believers!

Today I have a Psylocke inspired look for you! Psylocke, aka Betsy Braddock, is a member of the X-Men (currently X-Force) who is a mutant that has the powers of telepathy and telekenisis. I based this look off of her armored costume from the late 80s before she got sucked into the Siege Perilous, kidnapped by The Hand, and her mind forced into the body of the Japanese assassin known as Kwannon. (Prior to all of that, Betsy was a caucasian woman from England).

I used a nail dotting kit to get the kinetic energy dots from her psychic knife which is a new technique for me that I’m still playing with. I chose to make the eyebrows and the eyeliner in glitter to represent her armor. This was taking me so long, that I decided to only give one eye the psychic knife which is kind of funny because Betsy usually only uses one hand for that, so it worked out. This is my favorite Psylocke costume, so of course I chose to tackle this one first.🙂

This also gave me the opportunity to use the Violet Noir lashes Faux Lash was kind enough to send me! A small review of the lashes will be in the bottom of this post.


*Item received courtesy of respective brands. I was not asked to review them, nor paid to use them.


Domino Inspired Look

My FAVORITE drawing of Domino with Wolverine! Hawt!

I have plotted and planned this look for a while now and I have FINALLY got it done! I freaking LOVE Domino!! She’s one of my favorite X-Men characters!

I obviously based this look off her black birthmark and white skin (Her powers are based on Luck, which is kind of hard to translate lol), but gave it a little kick by adding rhinestones and a bit of glitter. I really LOVE how this one came out! Especially the white eye (which I will probably wear out more often!) It basically looks like her, but an amped up version. And Dom wears a ton of black, so of course, so did I.🙂 I also photoshopped my irises blue to match Dom’s!

I was also heavily influenced/inspired by a makeup artist who I’ve admired so much for a few years now, Jody from Monroe Misfit Makeup. That woman is SO damn talented and omg gorgeous! You all need to go to her blog and YouTube NOW! (Well after you go through my post haha!) Also, please forgive my dry winter skin! Totally exfoliating in a bit to help with that lol. And on another side note, listening to my fav band, Depeche Mode, totally put me in a great mood while doing this!🙂

I hope you enjoy!